Women's artisan upcycling

The Fabric teamed up with Mehera Shaw, an ethical clothing manufacturer in Jaipur, to make your philanthropy clothing garment. Mehera Shaw is run by Shari Keller, who has been an advocate for the poor and destitute in the country since her days as a Fulbright PhD researcher.

Mehera Shaw's sister organization, Meher Road, runs an Artisan Upcycling Project that uses scraps from the textile industry to give these materials a second life as toys, housewares and accessories. All items are made by hand by disadvantaged women in rural areas and slums around Jaipur. The goal is to cause the creation of small cooperatives owned by the artisan women themselves and help them find an avenue to market their own commercially viable products.

After buying our ethical clothing online, your donation will be used by Meher Road to pay for non-textile supplies to run their project. We will work with Shari to bring you the developing story of the women involved and the opportunity the artisan project brings to their life.

In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in India.

It starts with you!

Support this project by purchasing any of our philanthropy clothing products from Jaipur, India.


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