What Is Philanthropic Shopping? Better Gifts that Give Back

With Christmas just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is now in full swing! Everyone is out searching for the perfect presents for their loved ones - and maybe a little something for themselves. After all, what better time of the year to shop? Enticing sales are popping up everywhere, department stores are full of offers and the deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often too good to pass up.

Brands that give back

Yet when it comes to giving, the best presents are those which come with a story – a story which distinguishes the gift, makes it more meaningful than a price tag ever could, and shows just how thoughtful we were in gifting it. And the best kind of gift for this is, we strongly believe, the kind that gives back.

Giving Tuesday

It is this thinking which led to the GivingTuesday revolution: a global day of giving back, after the excesses of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed. GivingTuesday is a time to celebrate the good work of our favorite charities and support activities like donating and volunteering. It’s a day on which we spread the word of a very worthy message.

“Around the world, #GivingTuesday is a grassroots movement that illustrates the impact we can have when we all pull together. The investments we make—in both time and funding—can help solve the urgent problems of today and will make the next generation stronger.” ~ President Barack Obama

Gifts that give back 2017

At The Fabric of Humanity, GivingTuesday is one of the most important dates of the year. Our company is, after all, founded on the desire to bring amazing products with empowering stories to the market, and give back to those who make them in the process. What makes these stories what they are, however, is you: your act of choosing how to give back!

Gifts that give back 2017

Gifts that give back 2017

Even if our seasonal spending sprees don’t break the bank, we all know that feeling of guilt that comes from spending so much money on gifts. Why not alleviate the discomfort this year, with gifts that give back to the world? Giving gifts that give back will help those in need, assure the happiness of your loved ones and leave you feeling happy in the knowledge that you’ve done your part. Our company was founded with this idea in mind - an idea we call philanthropic shopping. The Fabric of Humanity specializes in comfortable, tasteful and philanthropic clothing that brings joy to the wearer and gives back to the world.

What's Philanthropic Shopping?

The concept of philanthropic shopping revolves around products that give back to everyone involved in the exchange. Of Greek origin, “philanthropy” translates directly as “love of humanity”, and is defined in the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary as “goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially: active effort to promote human welfare.” Shopping from companies that give back  benefits everyone involved and promotes a humanistic gesture of goodwill. At The Fabric of Humanity we take this one step further and let you decide where this goodwill goes - this is philanthropic shopping.

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With philanthropic shopping, you can actively help other humans by engaging in everyday tasks, such as buying a new shirt. Here at The Fabric of Humanity we ensure that our transactions don’t just benefit the buyer and seller, but also the producer and their community. With each and every purchase, you’re given a choice of projects to support in the community where the product was made. A percentage of the profit is then cycled back into this project, allowing for development in the community, profit for the maker and a clear conscience for yourself! By engaging in philanthropic shopping, you’re actively promoting human welfare and rebalancing the economic scale, making a difference in the world whilst also getting that perfect present for a loved one!

What We Love about Philanthropic Shopping

Philanthropic shopping with The Fabric of Humanity is a big win – 5 times over in fact! You win by buying a thoughtful gift for a loved one (or even yourself); the recipient wins by getting a gift they will treasure; the maker of the product wins by earning a living wage; the maker’s community wins by receiving funding for the project of your choosing and, finally, we win by getting the funding we need to continue and expand our project. All of this good, from a piece of clothing!

Philanthropic shopping allows for universal empowerment, with every party involved being given the opportunity to make a difference to the world. Around the globe, artisans are paid less than a living wage to create goods for wealthy people overseas, often in appalling conditions, and philanthropic shopping helps change that. Consumers have gotten used to living with the guilt of their consumption, buying unethical items because there’s no alternative, and philanthropic shopping helps change that.

philanthropic shoppingA recent contribution to the community by customers of The Fabric of Humanity.

A huge part of actively promoting human welfare begins with awareness, and philanthropic shopping ensures this. By educating the consumer, we are able to spread the word about this new approach to shopping, and raise awareness of issues around the world which deserve our attention and aid. The consumer then shares this information and awareness - the recipient of their gift and to their social circle - and this way we are able to make more of a difference. Philanthropic shopping can help the world through so many different ways, and benefits everyone involved in the process!

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