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We did it! Our products that give back

Many companies give back as part of their corporate social responsibility, but here at The Fabric of Humanity we go above and beyond that. Our mission is to provide wonderful clothes in an ethical fashion whilst allowing you, the customer, to make a difference that counts. Earlier in the year, our customers chose to contribute to the emotional wellbeing of our production partners in Nepal, through supporting trauma counselling - here’s the update!

Our customers made it happen!

Companies that give back

Life in Nepal can be very challenging. Our production partners in Nepal actively help support second chances in life by those who survived exploitation and discrimination.

Our drive to provide trauma counselling sessions for The Makers of our products Nepal encapsulates the raison d’être of The Fabric of Humanity.

With every purchase you, the customer, are empowered to make the choice of how to give back to the community which produces the goods you buy. And a large majority chose to support ongoing trauma counselling for workers in need and, as a result, we directed the donations embedded in the price of our garments towards this noble and empowering goal.

These are not our investments, but yours: by making the choice to give back and contributing your opinion on how, you’re able to make a real difference in the lives of our hard-working partners in Nepal!

From all of us here at The Fabric of Humanity, we’d like to thank you for helping make this change real - pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Products that give back

Products that give back

Are you not among those who made the dream of trauma counselling a reality for our Nepalese partners? Are you interested in contributing towards creating a better world?

It’s not too late to do so! Take a look at our range of Nepalese products that give back, and let us know how you’d like to make a difference. Your purchase, your choice!

The importance of trauma counselling

For all its natural splendor, Nepal is the second poorest country in Asia and has one of the highest instances of worker exploitation in the world. Many Nepalese workers are marginalized, exploited and persecuted due to their caste, ethnicity and gender. They often live in appalling conditions, without running water or sanitation, and suffer in abusive relationships with spouses, families or employers. Lives led in such duress are fertile ground for psychological and emotional distress, which only makes it harder for workers to improve their own odds.

Companies that give back

Here at The Fabric of Humanity we agree with our partner organization, Purnaa, that in order to truly change lives you must provide not only fair employment, but the necessary tools to overcome the hardships that are faced on a daily basis. We consider trauma counselling to be an essential part of this, and are overjoyed to see that you do too!

Through ongoing trauma counselling, workers at Purnaa’s factory in Nepal are able to access the support they need to overcome the anxiety and frustration of their daily life, gain new trust and self-confidence and, by doing so, increase their quality of life and the possibilities of their future.

The wider story

Work conditions in Nepal are appalling, with many people operating in unregulated settings and laws that protect employees from exploitation rarely being implemented. Purnaa makes it its mission to change this by providing a good, sustainable example of how a business can protect and support its workers, whilst continuing to be economically viable. Despite Purnaa’s best efforts, however, many of its employees continue to battle discrimination due to their ethnicity, gender, caste or social background. Slowly we’re changing that - Purnaa, The Fabric of Humanity and you, the customer!

Making a difference

Alongside appalling conditions and workplace exploitation, human trafficking is also a perennial issue in Nepal, with many being sequestered for sexual or physical labor. Men and women, mostly from rural areas, are taken and driven to urban centers - not only within Nepal but also across the border to India and as far away as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Individuals from underprivileged backgrounds have the highest risk of this abuse and exploitation - a category which includes the vast majority of Nepalese women.

Many of these exploited women are forced into prostitution in order to attain the most basic life requirements for themselves and their families, whilst many men are forced to perform manual labor in a wide range of industries, or likewise driven into the sex trade.

The few who escape this fate are often forced into a life of equally exploitative wage labor, abusive relationships or reduced to begging in the street and vying for space in overcrowded and underfunded shelters in Nepalese cities. One reason for this is that, even when not enslaved, the ethnic, caste and gender inequalities in Nepal mean that those occupying the lowest rungs of society are unable to climb out of the misery they inhabit. To add insult to injury, open discussion of these hardships is greatly stigmatized in Nepalese society, meaning that those who suffer the most must keep it to themselves.

Companies that give back

Purnaa fights to change this abominable situation by offering people from such backgrounds a new chance at life. By providing dignified work and inclusive social care, Purnaa believes that it is possible to empower marginalized people, who have greatly suffered due to the situations into which they were born and forced, and thus allow them a means to improve their chances. Trauma counselling is an essential part of this empowerment process, providing workers with the support and safety necessary to heal  the mental and psychological scars their past has left them with.

Because of the stigma associated with personal trauma, we are unable to share the personal stories of our partners at Purnaa - doing so would compromise their privacy and could lead to an undoing of the wonderful work that has been undertaken so far.

Companies that give back

But it is as if their prayers were answered... To give you a sense of how Purnaa’s employees feel before and after joining the company, we'd like to refer you to Purnaa's  yearly Social Impact Report which charts self-ascribed quality of life, empowerment and psychological wellbeing. The results are astounding, with employees feeling more included in family decisions, safer, healthier and an increasing self-worth with each year worked at Purnaa. This is particularly remarkable due to the fact that 80% of Purnaa’s employees are women, who are traditionally the least empowered members of Nepalese society.

A Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization, Purnaa sets a bold and brilliant example of sustainable and ethical business which companies in Nepal - and around the world - can follow, all whilst creating the highest quality products.

It is due to our shared vision and drive that we at The Fabric of Humanity wanted to partner with Purnaa and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made together so far. By becoming a customer at The Fabric of Humanity you too play a part in making the lives of Nepalese workers better, forever.

Companies that give back

Whilst we’ve come a long way there is still much to achieve, as Purnaa’s Social Impact Report highlights. This is why they’ve created an Empowerment Fund, which helps the families of employees gain access to scholarships, life-skills and professional training, the aforementioned trauma counselling and assistance in acquiring suitable, sustainable and sanitary accommodation. Through the Empowerment Fund Purnaa, The Fabric of Humanity and you are able to jointly tackle the shortcomings in employees’ lives which cannot be fixed by fair employment, and require a more holistic approach.

It was your choice which drove us to supporting the Empowerment Fund, and it is your continuing support which will keep it going. All it takes is purchasing an item from our Nepalese collection and letting us know where you’d like your money to go!

About The Fabric of Humanity

At The Fabric of Humanity, we are dedicated to ethical fair trade clothing.

That means more than just fair trade: ours are products that give back, and your voice decides which projects we support.

It means aiming for the most environmentally and ethically friendly practices possible.

It means empowerment for all parties involved.

It means the world.

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