We did it! Bicycles for education

We did it! Our products that give back

At The Fabric of Humanity, we are more than one of those companies that give back as part of their corporate social responsibility. Enabling people like you to make a difference is our raison d'être. Recently, our customers chose to change the life of two girls in rural India!

companies that give back

The meaning of a bicycle

For a girl in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, a bicycle means a chance to progress in life. The reality in this difficult geographical setting is that girls’ responsibilities are primarily with helping run the household. Their number one priority tends to be going in search for water every day.

In practice, this means long walks that can at times take as much as 3 hours each way. Consequently, a large number of girls in this region lack the time to attend school, as water comes first.

A bicycle means a chance to have enough time to go to school in addition of going for water. It means girls are empowered to invest in their own future.

companies that give back

Our customers did it!

These two bicycles are not a corporate social responsibility ploy. They are a materialization of our raison d’être at The Fabric of Humanity.

With every purchase, our customers have a choice of how to give back in the community where their item comes from. Some of our customers chose to buy these bicycles with the embedded donation in the price of our garments.

These are, thus, our customer’s investment in to the life of these girls in Rajasthan! From all of us here at The Fabric of Humanity, we give a loud shout out to the people that made this change real!

Products that give back

Interested in contributing to a change beyond yourself? Consider any of our India products that give back, and let us know how you’d like to make a difference. Your purchase, your choice!

products that give back

The wider story

The Fabric of Humanity offers this project in partnership with Gravis, a local and trusted non-profit organization with an aim to empower and promote equality in poor desert communities. Their projects blend traditional knowledge and modern sciences. You can learn more above Gravis on their webpage or Facebook page.

companies that give back

Even though Rajasthan is the largest state in India and home to 68 million inhabitants, most of it is area is desert and inhospitable. Outside a few bigger urban centers like Jaipur (where our Indian collection is made), a lot of people live in mud houses, distant from basic needs such as water, education or medical care.

 companies that give back

As it is usually the case, women and girls are particularly short-changed in the shadow of the hardship of life in this part of the world. They traditionally carry the weight of their household. The lack of an easy way access to water in the desert, and the long walks girls have to make in fletching it, is what consumes most of a girl’s time and robs her of the opportunity to go to school.

Gravis mostly does projects related to education and access to water. We thought they were the ideal partners for our giveback programme because they are aware of the needs of local girls and know the context in which they live very well. They understand that while a significant number of girls manage to attend primary school (not without some sacrifice), the attendance rates for secondary school drop considerably due to the longer distances between scattered villages and the limited centers that offer secondary schooling.

 companies that give back

We thought about what we could do that would provide young girls with the possibility of attending school and, at the same time, serve them during their daily chores. Plus, independence and autonomy are two important values to foster in an individual’s development, and they are absolutely indispensable for students. Furthermore, young girls that face such tremendous challenges in their daily life could also clearly benefit from something that would allow them to have fun and be the children who they are. What could we do to mix all this needs together?

The answer to this question is as simple as it if effective. Why not provide bicycles for those girls who have to walk so many kilometers for simple things that here, in the West, take for granted?

Bicycles are pollution-free, adaptable for all ages and easy to fix. They have been around for ages in both the developed and developing world. But many families in this region are simply too poor to have the funds to buy them for their daughters. We thought our customers could narrow this gap and provide bicycles to girls that could really use them. With the bicycles, girls and their families would no longer have to make the choice between water and education. The bicycles allow them to save sufficient time  for both! 

companies that give back

By purchasing from our startup clothing company, our customers have provided two Hercules bicycles, a brand that’s native to the country and a popular choice. A simple gesture, yet we’re confident it will give these girls the necessary freedom to pursue education!

As you can see by the pictures, the villages where these girls originate from are barren and the houses are small and have roofs made from dry plants, illustrating the precarious life people lead. Each of these girls would have to walk for miles and hours before reaching an urban center where they would be able to study, or a water source to gather that precious liquid and bring it back home to the family.

For us and for our customers, the pleasure and joy in the girls’ faces is the most satisfying part of weaving The Fabric of Humanity. We sincerely hope the bicycles will help them and contribute, even if just a little bit, for their future development and achievements. We already consider them heroines in their daily lives for all the hard work they do in order to help their families survive. Now they have the reward that will allow them to do more and better!

About The Fabric of Humanity

At The Fabric of Humanity, we are dedicated to ethical fair trade clothing.

That means more than just fair trade. Ours are products that give back – and you choose what project to support. And it means being as environmentally friendly in materials and practices as possible.

 With our ethical clothing, you make a real, tangible difference to the workers and their communities. Experience a new philanthropic shopping experience with our Clothes of Change™.


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