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Employee trauma counselling

The Fabric teamed up with Purnaa, an ethical garment manufacturer in Kathmandu, to make your garment. Many Purnaa employees come from marginalized or exploited backgrounds and were denied the things needed for a healthy life.

Your donation to Purnaa’s Empowerment Fund helps offer employees there the opportunity to attend 12 sessions of trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy to improve their mental health following their complicated background.

Counselling caries stigma in Nepali society, according to Purnaa’s founder Corban Bryant. To be respectful of the employees’ privacy and cultural setting, The Fabric will not be able to update you in the developing story of the individuals that partake in these therapy sessions.


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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Nepal.


It all starts with you!

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