Himalayan Hope Home

Provide a year’s scholarship for an orphan girl to attend a refuge home through your purchase of our conscious clothing.

The Small World is a local non profit in Nepal dedicated to supporting locally driven sustainable community development projects that brings access to girls’ education, women empowerment & poverty alleviation.

The Small World’s Himalayan Hope Home is a home for 30 girls, all of them motherless or fatherless (deceased or missing). Orphan girls are the main target for traffickers as there is no one to care for them and, in most of the cases, they are seeking an opportunity to escape the desperate situation they are in; so it is much easier to lure them with a false promise like a new life in a big city, a good job or even false marriage proposals.

The Small World can accommodate four more girls. Pick this project to fund a one-year scholarship for a girl. The project will go ahead upon receiving 150 ₢redits.

Upon donating to this project through the purchase of a piece of ethical fair trade clothing, you will get regular updates with pictures of the selected girl every quarter or at the time of any significant accomplishments.


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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Nepal.


 It all starts with you!

Support this project by purchasing any of our ethical fashion products from Kathmandu, Nepal

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