School supplies for 100 children

A backpack with basic school supplies in time for the new school year

We visit all our communities to find out how first-hand how you can make a difference. During our visit to Tadó, we talked at length about the community’s key risks. Foremost, the acute lack of jobs creates the conditions for individuals to take desperate measures. Their concern goes particularly for the youth, as idling and lack of resources for positive pastimes as well as education lowers the barrier for them to get involved in drugs, prostitution or join the ELN as part of these desperate measures.

Many young students in Tadó come from poor households that do not have money to provide their children with basic school supplies. The Lunatics, a group of local young university graduates and professionals, are ready to purchase these supplies from wholesalers in Medellín and deliver them back in Tadó.

Fair trade fashion purchases allocated to this project provide each of 100 children, aged 8 to 10, a backpack with three notepads, two pens, two pencils, an eraser, a sharpener and a small box of colour pencils. Having these supplies would help mitigate part of the effects of extreme poverty on their education.

The Lunatics have delivered school supplies in the past. Darlington Yurgaky is the Lunatics’ president. “The happiness in the kids when we deliver [these] at their schools is the real measure of this initiative”, he says. In fact, TFOH founder Nahuel was present in Tadó as the Lunatics prepared the distribution in 2015. “The kids were certainly excited, but so were the Lunatics. The whole experience seemed really empowering for everybody”, he recalls.

Upon donating to this project through your purchase of our philanthropy clothing, you will receive updates and pictures at the time the supplies are purchased and when they are distributed to the school children.

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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Colombia.

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