Manufacturing to empower in Nepal

The Bryants and Fabers are Westerners that have found their home and purpose in Nepal. They are the leaders of Purnaa, an ethical clothing manufacturer in Kathmandu with a mission to empower those most marginalized by society to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.

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Purnaa is a social enterprise. It gauges its success by the lives it impacts, and all of its profits are reinvested to further the social mission of creating training and job opportunities for survivors of abuse and exploitation as well as those discriminated against. It is committed to the ethical and fair treatment of people, stopping human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation.

Purnaa’s employees receive fair and living wages, literacy classes and job and life-skills training. Uncustomary for Nepal, employees receive a healthcare and employer-matched savings package. Purnaa facilitates scholarships through donor partnerships for employee children, empowering the next generation to become less vulnerable to exploitation and to break free from the cycle of poverty.

The resulting positive and collegial work environment is very much “not-a-sweatshop” facility. We were impressed by a sense of “one team” in which employees are often consulted in decisions. For example, we had to seek consent by each individual employee for the pictures we took during our visit. There is also a deep extended family atmosphere, with many employees sharing difficult backgrounds but now supporting each other along their personal growth path.

The Fabric of Humanity is therefore proud to team up with Purnaa in implementing our vision of Wearable Philanthropy clothing Nepal, a developing country in need of support.


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