Our proclamation

There are countless strands in the fabric of humanity. Brilliance. Industriousness. Humour. Art. Playfulness. Consciousness.

A great many beautiful things. But above all, to be human is to do well for yourself, your family and friends – and for others.

Happy and prosperous people share.

As the fortunate, we all live by this creed. We have no reservations about taking care of our own families and friends. But we also know that helping others is part and parcel of living the good life.

That’s why your Fabric of Humanity™ outfit isn’t just another change of clothes, but rather Clothes of Change™. Because our philanthropic shopping experience offers products that give back. For every piece of our clothing that you purchase, you contribute toward funding community development projects right where your garment comes from.

The Fabric of Humanity™ gives you insight into the lives of the people behind the production side – and you’ll be impressed by how resourceful they are.

Many of them have already overcome great obstacles to provide for themselves and their families, and they experience everyday what can make things better in their own communities. Like you and me, they are enterprising people – all they need is the opportunity.

By relieving communities of their concerns for the most basic needs (such as clean water, health and education for the children) you free them to achieve greater goals. By deciding what projects to support, you make a tangible difference in their lives, and you can follow their projects as they go. So every Fabric of Humanity ethical clothing garment comes with a story in the making.

Thanks to social media, it’s become increasingly clear that everyone is interconnected. We’re at the cusp of a wave of universal understanding and progress of a kind never seen before. Show the world that you’re part of this wave. Weave philanthropic shopping into business with The Fabric of Humanity™.

There’s no telling how beautiful the ride will be.

The Fabric of Humanity™ is the first clothing brand of its kind - it goes beyond ethical fair trade clothing. We are the makers of Clothes of Change™.

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