A unique heritage in Colombia

Help preserve a unique heritage in Colombia by providing with outfits for La Platina dance group

We visit all our communities to find out how first-hand how you can make a difference. During our visit to Tadó, we talked at length about the community’s key risks. Foremost, the acute lack of jobs creates the conditions for individuals to take desperate measures. Their concern goes particularly for the youth, as idling and lack of resources for positive pastimes as well as education lowers the barrier for them to get involved in drugs, prostitution or join the ELN as part of these desperate measures.

Tadosanos take pride in their town, and it is clear that their unique blend of African arrangements in otherwise typical Latin-American music and dance help define these people. La Platina, the local dance group, seeks to preserve and showcase their unique culture.

There are few more exciting things for the children of this dance group than to get into new outfits. For 14 years, La Platina’s director has been making their own outfits from whatever materials they could afford. They’d love a new wardrobe!

Purchases allocated to this project provide the materials to make their new outfits. They are eager to do the design, cutting and sewing themselves.

Upon donating to this project through the purchase of our conscious clothing, you will receive updates and pictures at the time the supplies are purchased and when they are distributed to the school children.


In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Colombia.

It starts with you!

Experience philanthropic shopping and support this project by purchasing any of our ethical products from Tadó, Colombia.


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