Future For Girls

Provide funding for a girl to attend school for a year

The Small World is a local non profit in Nepal dedicated to supporting locally driven sustainable community development projects that brings access to girls’ education, women empowerment & poverty alleviation.

The Small World envisions a world where every girl and boy has equal access and opportunity to attend school and get an education. In Nepal, parents prefer to send their son to school, where as they like their daughters at home to take care of household chores, the literacy rate of women is just 23%.

The Small World arranges for education scholarships for girls aged seven to fourteen. Just 45 purchases pays for a girl’s annual school fees, her school uniform, school bag, school shoes and stationary. It also provides her with two medical checkups a year. This is for girls who have parents, and a home, but the parents cannot afford to send their child to school.

Donations over and above the funding deadline will be dedicated to funding the education of additional girls through The Small World.

Our philanthropic shopping experience allows you to donate to this project through your fair trade clothing purchase. After your purchase, you will get regular updates with pictures of the selected girl(s) every quarter or at the time of any significant accomplishments.


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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Nepal.



It all starts with you!

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