Enabling play in a conflict zone

Provide basketball equipment for youth at risk

We visit all our communities to find out how first-hand how you can make a difference. During our visit to Tadó, we talked at length about the community’s key risks. Foremost, the acute lack of jobs creates the conditions for individuals to take desperate measures. Their concern goes particularly for the youth, as idling and lack of resources for positive pastimes as well as education lowers the barrier for them to get involved in drugs, prostitution or join the ELN as part of these desperate measures.

The lack of resources has been extremely limiting in offering children in Tadó the possibility to play sports when not in school. The Lunatics, a group of local young university graduates and professionals dreaming of ways to improve their community, recommended that we purchase basketball equipment and donate it to the sports association Mineritos.

Purchases allocated to this project provide the equipment and would directly benefit the 20 children of Mineritos and their coach. And it would also be enjoyed more widely as it would be shared through the sports office of the Tadó township.

The package includes five basketballs, five tall sports cones, 10 short sports cones, one three-meter ladder, a stopwatch, a writing pad, four erasable markers, a whistle and a net to carry the basketballs.

Upon donating to this project through the purchase or our ethical clothing, you will receive pictures of the children with their new basketball equipment.

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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in Colombia.

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