Bicycles for education

Rajasthan is in a desert. A handful of cities like Jaipur, where your item was made, act like magnets to those escaping poverty in desperate measures, often arriving without means and settling in cardboard boxes under bridges. Our community projects here also seek to support one of the first consequences of life in the Rajasthani Thar desert: a girl’s education.

Girls are typically responsible for fetching water for their households. The walks, often several hours, take away girls’ opportunities to go to school.

The Fabric is partnering with Gravis, a local and trusted non-profit, to provide bicycles to girls at risk of missing out on their education as a consequence. A bicycle is not only a source of playful pride, but it also allows a girl to have enough time to go look for water and go to school.

The Fabric will coordinate with Gravis to bring you the story of the selected girls once their bicycles are delivered.

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In context

This short documentary contextualizes how The Fabric of Humanity is involved in India.

It starts with you!

Support this project by purchasing any of our fair trade products from Jaipur, India.


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